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Fourth-year offensive lineman who enters his first season with the Bears in 2023
Has appeared in 55 career games with 54 starts and five postseason contests

2022 Season (Titans)

Helped RB Derrick Henry surpass 1,500+ rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns on the season.

2021 Season (Titans)

Started in 14 games for Tennessee and started in the Titans' postseason contest
Helped pave the way for the Titans offense to rush for 2,404 rushing yards

2020 Season (Titans)

Started in every game for the Titans, paving the way for RB Derrick Henry to lead the NFL in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns for the second season in a row
The team finished the season with 2,690 total rushing yards

2019 Season (Titans)

Started in 12 of 13 games he played in
Helped open holes for RB Derrick Henry who led the NFL in rushing yards and rushing touchdowns in 2019 and was named second-team All-Pro



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Nate Davis FAQ

What NFL team drafted Nate Davis? drafted Nate Davis in
What year was Nate Davis drafted by the ? Nate Davis was drafted into the NFL in by the
What NFL team does Nate Davis play for? Nate Davis plays for the
Does Nate Davis still play for the ? Yes, ${} still plays for the
What teams has Nate Davis played for? Nate Davis has played for the following college and NFL teams: Chicago Cubs,
What round was Nate Davis drafted into the NFL? Nate Davis was drafted in the round of the NFL draft by the in
What pick was Nate Davis in the NFL draft? Nate Davis was the overall pick in the NFL draft by the
What is Nate Davis's status in the NFL? Nate Davis's NFL status is Active
What position does Nate Davis play for the Chicago Cubs? Nate Davis is a Offensive Line for the Chicago Cubs
When did Nate Davis join the Chicago Cubs? 2023
What years did Nate Davis play for the Chicago Cubs? 2023
What is Nate Davis's number at Cubs? 64
Did Nate Davis play for the Chicago Cubs? Yes
How tall is Nate Davis? Nate Davis currently stands at 6-3
How much does Nate Davis weigh? Nate Davis currently weighs in at 316 pounds