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Cubs dominate Google searches in 2016
by Tony Crumpton
Senior Editor

Google released on Wednesday their annual rankings of the most-searched words in their search engine and the Chicago Cubs dominated several of the categories.

The Cubs were ranked the #1 most searched U.S. Pro Sports team and six Cubs players out of 10 were the most searched MLB players including the top three of Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, and David Ross.

U.S. Pro Sports Teams

Chicago Cubs
Cleveland Indians
Pittsburgh Penguins
Oklahoma City Thunder
Carolina Panthers
Denver Broncos
San Jose Sharks
St. Louis Blues
Dallas Stars
Los Angeles Rams

MLB Players

Kris Bryant
Anthony Rizzo
David Ross

Curt Schilling
Aroldis Chapman
Coco Crisp
Addison Russell
Jake Arrieta

Adam Laroche
Trevor Story

MLB Teams

Chicago Cubs
Cleveland Indians
Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants

Chicago’s top searches of 2016

Copa America
Pokemon Go

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