2017-11-29 17:25:20.0
Report: Cubs want Ohtani to pitch and play outfield
by Tony Crumpton
Senior Editor

Shohei Ohtani is the Japanese version of a young Babe Ruth.

Do the Cubs have a legit shot? They do according to multiple reports including the latest from insider David Kaplan.

"MLB sources have confirmed to me that the Cubs have spent significant time and money in their pursuit of Ohtani," Kaplan said. "The club has sent multiple scouts to Japan for weeks at a time and they have watched him pitch and play the outfield and they believe he can indeed do both on the north side of Chicago."

A National League executive told Kaplan that Theo Epstein is going hard after him.

"Theo has been fascinated by this kid for a long time," the executive said. "He and Jed have been strategizing on how to land him in Chicago. They have the support system needed to make this work. They landed Daisuke Matsuzaka when he was in Boston and they have a good relationship with Ohtani’s agent (Nez Balelo) at CAA.

"They are definitely one of the teams on his short list. But will he end up in the National League? That’s the big challenge."

This is a 23-year old prodigy that can throw 102.5 MPH and hit titanic homers. Just imagine the versatility that Joe Maddon would take advantage with him in the lineup on a daily basis. Think Travis Wood but just 1000% better and younger.

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