2018-05-11 16:44:24.0
WATCH: Schwarber guns down runner at home with perfect throw
by Cole Little
Senior Writer

CHICAGO — Chicago Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber struggles from time to time on the defensive end but never when throwing comes into play.

Occasionally suffering from a fielding blunder, Schwarber makes up for it with the cannon of an arm that he boasts.

The former catcher gunned down Nicky Delmonico of the Chicago White Sox today when Delmonico attempted to score on a Jose Abreu single.

One run had already come in to score, but Delmonico got greedy and underestimated Schwarber's arm. Schwarber got a great jump on the ball and threw a strike to catcher Willson Contreras, who tagged Delmonico out with ease.

The clutch throw by Schwarber ended the inning and prevented the White Sox from cutting the Cubs' lead to three.

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