2018-06-13 16:54:52.0
WATCH: Rizzo gets in umpire's face after questionable strike call
by Tony Crumpton
Senior Editor

The Cubs are having a tough time scoring runs on Wednesday afternoon against the Brewers as they are currently losing 1-0.

In the eighth inning, Rizzo was upset after he took what he thought was ball four on the outside corner but took a called strikeout by the home plate umpire Jim Reynolds.

Rizzo took offense to the questionable call to him and got in the umpire's face to let him know about it. Cubs manager Joe Maddon came out to defend his player to make sure Rizzo didn't get thrown out.

The umpire did a great job of holding restraint and letting them say their peace as nobody got ejected.

Check out the video evidence below:

Here is how the pitch looked like:

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