Cubs News: What to do while waiting for Spring Training
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Cubs News: What to do while waiting for Spring Training

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Just like the finely tuned athletes, we enjoy watching who is playing for the Chicago Cubs, fans like us need to prepare themselves for the season ahead. The holidays are over, and we are just weeks away from Spring training, so there is no time like now to get started.

I have developed a game plan over the years that helps me get myself in peak mid-season form, and I’ve been asked to share it with you the fan base. Many of these may seem challenging to attempt, but if you go slow and do things in proper order, you will be fine.

Step 1: Vacuum the recliner, or couch if that is your preferred spot. Make sure you get between the cushions as it is likely that there are going to be some stale Crunchy Cheetos still there. Having a clean work station is a key to getting ready for the season.

Step 2: Rest. It is early, and you don’t want to overdo it just yet. Ease into the training.

Step 3: Update your cheat sheet to make sure none of the baseball viewing stations have been changed. This will be important when the season is in full swing, and the NHL and NBA are still playing games. Know the backup HD channel for your local provider and practice entering the number so you can do this quickly and without thinking.

Step 4: Repeat step 2. Relax, slow down, plenty of time to get up to full speed.

Step 5: Clear a path from the chair/couch to the refrigerator. You do not want to stub a toe and go on the DL during the Cubs/Cardinals series. This would also be an excellent time to start training the youngest child or grandchild on which beer to bring back for you. You had kids for a reason right?

Step 6: We are now ready to kick things into high gear. Pick out your most comfortable sweat suit, put it on and make sure you do not need to upgrade to an XXL before the season starts. Try it with and without socks and shoes to see which is going to work best for you.

Step 7: The home stretch. Arrange your pantry with your favorite snacks in alphabetical order by favorite food groups. Nuts, corn snacks, chips, chocolate, and of course cheese and sausage are the major food groups to start with. This is a step you can go rogue and make up your own groups. Just remember fruit is not a food group.

Step 8: You are ready for Spring training. Use this time to practice different scenarios that may come up during the season. For example, what is your plan if you discover you run out of cashews? Can you find your emergency back up beer brand quickly in the spare fridge? This will all come in handy once the season starts so that you will not miss one single pitch.

As you can see this is a well thought out game plan honed from years of experience and mistakes. Please be responsible when you share this with friends or family, the power of this knowledge can make people lightheaded. Use it responsibly.

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