Who should Cubs fans pull for in World Series?

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Jon Durr - USA Today Sports
Jon Durr - USA Today Sports

Tonight, the World Series starts between the American League Champion Boston Red Sox and the National League Champion Los Angeles Dodgers. Many of you are probably confused as to who the right team is for Cubs fans to root for in this.

I’ll try to make it clear for you.

Both teams have a storied history and are wildly popular in baseball circles because of that. The Dodgers have a long tradition of finding rookie of the years, in fact, they seem to win this award almost every year and for a while, it was five years in a row (1992-1996).

The Red Sox have a tradition of trading away the greatest baseball player of all times (Babe Ruth) and then holding the third longest world series non-winning streak in baseball history, behind our beloved.

The Dodgers have given us some of the greatest players of all time. Koufax, Drysdale, Newcomb, Robinson, Reese, Sax, OK maybe not him, but you get the idea.

The Red Sox have given us, Williams, Yaz, Clemons, Fisk, Martinez, Boggs, and 20 others. They also had one guy who was so good they named an award after him, Cy Young.

The Dodgers haven’t won a World Series since 1988. I remember it well because I had season tickets that year and was planning on going to game 1 but one of my cousins decided that he absolutely had to get married on that day so I went to his wedding instead. Luckily nothing much happened at that game except for Kirk Gibson limping off the bench to hit a walk-off home run.

The Red Sox futility at getting to the World Series was only outpaced by our own Cubs until they finally won in 2004 for the first time in eons. This has always been a dubious thing for Red Sox fans to hang their hats on because the Red Sox made several visits to the Series over the years but couldn’t win it, while the Cubs, and White Sox for that matter, couldn’t even get there.

The Dodgers always had a clean cut look to them, until recently when management has apparently hidden their razors and clippers and they now look like every other team in baseball.

The Red Sox have always looked like they just fell out of bed and showed up to the ballpark. Uniforms baggy and disheveled, grass stains, ballpark while quaint, is too dark to see anything from the outfield.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are the team to root for.

They are a National League team and Cubs fans should never cheer for any team in the American League. Ever. Boston is way too full of themselves and needs to be slapped down. I look better in blue and white than red and white. I think I saw Kirk Gibson in the batting cage last night.

Go Dodgers, in 6 games.

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