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Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Cubs ranked 2nd highest price to watch MLB game

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The Friendly confines of Wrigley Field might not be so friendly to your wallet according to a new study by

Wrigley Field was ranked the second most expensive ballpark to watch a major league baseball game.

It costs on average $116.06 for two people to attend a ball game to cheer on the Cubs.

The price breakdown is as follows:

Two tickets: $64.06

Two hot dogs: $11.50

Two beers: $15.50

Parking: $25

The average cost throughout major leagues is $77.92 for two people which is almost forty dollars cheaper.

The cheapest game to watch in the major leagues is the Angels at Angel Stadium for only $47.60 while the Boston Red Sox are the most expensive at iconic Fenway Park at a non-family friendly price of $157.

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