Chicago Cubs: Best Places to Sit at Wrigley Field

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Patrick Gorski - USA Today Sports
Patrick Gorski - USA Today Sports

CHICAGO -- Are you planning on attending a Cubs game at Wrigley Field sometime soon? Before you buy tickets and commit to where you want to sit, read the rankings of the best places to sit at Wrigley Field.

There are approximately 9 different types of seating options: 10s, 100s, 200s, suites, 400s, 500s, standing room only, bleachers, and rooftops. I ranked them 1-9 with 9 being the lowest.

9. Rooftops

If you are going to the Cubs game to watch the game do not choose to sit on the rooftops, you will barely be able to see anything. If you are going to the Cubs game to have a good time and be with your friends (bachelor/bachelorette party, birthday party, reunion, etc.) sit on the rooftops. The rooftops are not really meant to watch the game, rather they are meant for an all you can eat and drink party.

8. Standing Room Only

The fact that standing room only is in the stadium is it’s only positive as a seating option. Other than that, standing room only is kind of awful. Who wants to stand for 3+ hours?? Also, if you are standing behind the 200 level then you are below the roof so much that you can barely see a fly ball once it is hit in the air. Your view of the field can also be obstructed by the many poles found in the 200 level.

7. 500 Level

The 500 level is underrated, people think just because it is the furthest back means it has a bad view, that’s not necessarily true. The only problems with the 500 level are the potential obstruction from the various poles and the further you go up in the section and the further you go down the line towards the outfield, the worse your view gets. However, there are some quality 500 level seats in the first couple of rows.

6. Suites

The suites are actually not that bad, the only negatives of the suites are the cost and you are not in the crowd with the real fans. The positives of the suites include all you can eat food and drink. Personally, I would rather be in the crowd than stuck in the suite with a bunch of suits, but I think everyone should experience the suite life at least once in their lives.

5. 200 Level

The 200 level is good if you are sitting in the first several rows, but the further you go up the worse your seats become. The 200 level is notorious for the many poles that can obstruct your view, so when buying tickets make sure they are not obstructed by any poles. Also, the overhanging roof can hinder your ability to see fly balls and where they end up. Finally, the corners of the outfield can sometimes not be seen depending on the location of the seat. The first several rows of the 200 level are suitable seats because they are elevated above the walkway and 100 level so you have a pretty clear view of the field.

4. 100 Level

Obviously, the closer you get to the field the better your seats become, but they also become more expensive. The 100 level seats are good seats but depending on where you are sitting you might not be able to see the far corners of the outfield, this is not that big of a deal except when balls are hit down the line you won’t be able to see where they end up until the replay is shown. Another negative of the 100 level is the changing temperatures throughout the game due to the shadows. If you end up stuck in the sun you might be super-hot and get burned (wear suntan lotion) but if you end up in the shade on a spring or fall game you will be freezing. Overall, the 100 level has good seats.

3. 400 Level

Underrated. In my opinion, the 400 level is the most underrated place to sit at Wrigley Field. You can see the whole field no problem and they are not too expensive. The only negatives of the 400 level are, you have less of a chance to catch a foul ball, it is hard to judge fly balls sometimes (you think every fly ball is a home run), and the further you go down the line the worse the seats become. The 400 level is my go-to place to sit when I’m buying tickets for myself.

2. 10 Level (closest to the field)

These seats are the ones right on the field. Great seats. Depending on where you are sitting you might have trouble seeing the corners of the outfield. Also, these seats are super expensive so be prepared to spend an arm and a leg to sit here. Anytime I have sat in these seats I have had a great time. Finally, you have the best chance to catch a foul ball here.

1. Bleachers

The Wrigley Field bleachers are famous for the bleacher bums and for throwing visiting team’s home run balls back onto the field. If you are looking to have fun then sit in the bleachers, you will have the opportunity to heckle opposing players, catch a home run, and throw a homerun ball back onto the field. My only advice for the bleachers is: don’t bring your kids. Overall, the bleachers are a fun time and are meant for mostly younger people who are looking to have fun and be rowdy.

Honorable Mention:

Bullpen Seats (RIP)

The bullpen seats were the best seats to sit in when they still existed. Before the Cubs moved the bullpens under the bleachers, the bullpens used to be down the left and right field lines. When you sat in the first few rows behind the bullpens you had an up-close view of the players. You also had the chance for players to throw you a baseball or some gum. The bullpen seats (RIP) will always be my favorite seats at Wrigley.

Comment below on what your rankings are and let me know if you have any questions about the rankings!

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