Commentary: Cubs gonna make some moves?
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Commentary: Cubs gonna make some moves?

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Over the weekend, before the Bears found the most unbelievable way to lose a football game, our fearless leader, Theo Epstein, went on the record to assure fans that the Cubs do have a plan. Or not, but maybe if things work out right, unless they don’t, but they could so hang in there fans.

His political doublespeak made it seem like he was practicing for a 2020 run for the White House rather than letting the Cubs fan base in on what the hell are the Cubs doing this offseason.

“We have a budget, but we aren’t letting it stop us from doing something that makes baseball sense, but you just don’t go over your budget, unless you do.” Huh? It would just have been easier to say what we are doing is none of your damn business so sit down and shut up.

For the good of the country, and my sanity, I swore off social media as my new year's resolution but reports still reach me, and it seems the fan base of our beloved is pretty much not happy with the Cubs lack of moves this offseason. Theo on the air this weekend didn’t help.

If the luxury tax is holding things up then just say so, and we can all move on. If the Ricketts family is pissed, you wasted their money on so many guys not producing we get it. If you think this roster is going to make a bounce back in 2019 and win the world series, well, then you have just lost your mind.

There are holes in this team so big I could run through them for touchdowns, and I’m nearly Medicare qualified. The bullpen is the number one issue where it needs about six holes to fill. How about a shortstop to fill in until either Addison Russell comes back in May or you trade him to some team more desperate than us? Knock on wood, but if Anthony Rizzo gets hurt who is playing first base?

Right now, the Cubs have a ton of outfielders for three slots, and three infielders for four positions. Seems like an issue to me but what do I know. Don’t look now but the starting rotation average age is just under 56 years old. That seems like a potential issue going forward.

For Theo to go on the record, to say mumble jumble when the fans see a world championship dynasty slipping through their fingers after 108 years of frustration, was at best a bad decision, and at worst scary if there is no plan.

The Cubs owe the fan base nothing really in the real world, but for all the support they have given this team over the years in times that were awful, the least they could do is be truthful, without giving away team secrets, about the real state of the team.

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