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Patrick Gorski - USA Today Sports
Patrick Gorski - USA Today Sports

With the All-Star break upon us, I began to think about my predictions for the second half of the season. Sometimes all the statistics in the world don’t pan out, especially in sports- if they did, I’d have a bookie on speed-dial, and I’d be a very rich man. While some things are pretty obvious as time goes on, other predictions are nothing more than just a hunch. Inevitably, some of you may agree, while another 1,000+ will call for my job, my head and my first born child. Let the games begin…

AL East: The Red Sox continue their winning ways and take the Yankees by at least 3.5 games. Boston came out of spring-training dominating, and they haven’t stopped yet, as a result, the Red Sox will be your American League team in the World Series. The Yankees are currently 62-33 (.653); who’d have that record would only be good enough for second-place at the All-Star break?

AL Central: This is a no-brainer, Cleveland wins it. They’re already up by 7.5 games over second place, Minnesota, and no one in that division has what it takes to come anywhere close to catching the Tribe.

AL West: Watch for the Mariners to continue to give the Astros a run for their money. Seattle has the potential to carry the lead in the standings, and I think very shortly, the Astros will forfeit the division lead to them. In the end, I think the Astros take the division, but they won’t get past Boston for a repeat trip to the World Series.

NL East: Obviously, we can already kiss Miami and the Mets goodbye. I think Washington ends up getting it figured out, eventually taking second from Atlanta with the Phillies landing on top.

NL Central: Ah…my heart, my home. Despite leading the division for almost all of the first-half, I think the Brewers contine to falter in the second half. If, and only if, the Cubs can stay healthy and overcome the aches and pains with the starting rotation, they will take advantage of the Brewers’ mistakes and take the division. The Pirates will be the cellar-dwellers, the never-ending drama in St. Louis continues, despite the firing of Mike Matheny, and subsequently costs the Cardinals third-place. The red-hot Reds settle into third-place behind the Cubs and Brewers, respectively.

NL West: This is where I see a potential upset happening, as the NL West is currently the tightest division of the six in MLB. Arizona is currently in first-place, but they don’t finish there, when it’s all said and done. The Dodgers are hungry, especially after last year’s World Series loss, but their appetite for destruction falls short this year; third-place-short to be exact. Don’t ask why, but I see the Giants emerging from third-place and winning the division for the first time since 2012.

World Series: If I’m right about the Phillies and San Francisco, the Cubs may very well see their second trip to the World Series since 2016. Anything can happen, but I think the Cubs’ momentum wins them another NL pennant if the competition is, in fact, Philadelphia or San Francisco in the NLCS. I’ll make no bones about it, whether it’s the Cubs representing the NL or not, I don’t see anybody beating Boston this year. I hate being wrong, but I’d gladly swallow my words if the Cubs (or anybody else for that matter) can beat Boston in this year’s Fall Classic.

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