Chicago Cubs theme song 'Cubs Go All the Way'

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Check out this Cubs theme song "The Cubs Go All the Way" which is an original song by Frank Lamphere.

The Cubs Go All the Way Lyrics:

Count on, plenty of high fiving

To a pennant they'll be driving

And the Cubs Go All the Way

Our starter's fastball will be burning

Double plays they'll be turning

And the Cubs Go All the Way

When those rivals come to bat

They'll go down, in no time flat

We're going to show them what defense is all about

A pop-up caught behind the plate

Their all-star slugger who swung late

And crowd roar when the umpire yells "You’re Out!"

Then they'll have to face our hitters

Their staff best have the jitters

And the Cubs Go All the Way

Homers hit to upper decks

When our cleanup man connects

And the Cubs Go All the Way

This team seems truly on a mission

And the very definition

Of a ball club, that really has a chance

Us fans will hardly keep from grinning

In September we keep winning

Then we take first place to stay

And the Cubs Go All the Way!

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