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Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Chicago Cubs worth fifth-most in MLB

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The Chicago Cubs are worth a cool $2.2 billion which is fifth in major league baseball according to a report by Forbes on Wednesday.

The value should only get elevated as the Cubs are launching a TV network by 2020 and continued renovating throughout Wrigley Field and its surroundings.

"By 2020, the Cubs hope to see through the creation of a Cubs television network, mirroring the Yankees’ YES Network that launched in 2002," Forbes said. "Investors have bought in. A little over a year ago, the Cubs raised a total of $150 million of equity to help fund the renovations by selling minority interests to investors."

The Top 10 most valuable franchises in MLB are the Yankees ($3.4 billion), Dodgers ($2.5 billion), Red Sox ($2.3 billion), Giants ($2.25 billion), Cubs ($2.2 billion), Mets (1.65 billion), Cardinals ($1.6 billion), Angels ($1.34 billion), Nationals ($1.3 billion) and Phillies ($1.24 billion).

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