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Signed by the Chicago Cubs as a non-drafted free agent on Dec. 2, 2011.



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Roberto Caro FAQ

What position does Roberto Caro play for the Chicago Cubs? Roberto Caro is a Right Field for the Chicago Cubs
When did Roberto Caro join the Chicago Cubs? 2019
What years did Roberto Caro play for the Chicago Cubs? 2019,2020
What is Roberto Caro's number at Cubs? 25
Did Roberto Caro play for the Chicago Cubs? Yes
What is Roberto Caro's hometown? San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
What city is Roberto Caro from? San Cristobal
Where is Roberto Caro from? Roberto Caro is from San Cristobal, Dominican Republic
How tall is Roberto Caro? Roberto Caro currently stands at 6-0
How much does Roberto Caro weigh? Roberto Caro currently weighs in at 185 pounds
What state is Roberto Caro from? Dominican Republic
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